According to the population update published in the Gazette officielle du Québec on December 29, 2021, the Municipality had 12,788 permanent residents. More than 10,000 seasonal vacationers join the mix during the summer, bringing the total to over 22,000.

Visiting Val-des-Monts the eco-friendly way

No matter what your favourite activities are and how long your stay is, your approach to those pursuits can impact Val-des-Monts’ environment.

For instance, all it takes are a few good habits to help slow the spread of invasive species. And remember, invader species are not just plants and vegetation, but also vertebrates and invertebrates, like animals and insects.

Here are a few tips for making your visit to Val-des-Monts an eco-friendly one:


Don’t bring in firewood. Buy it locally and leave the unused supply on site.


Wash your boat before moving it to another body of water.


Remove mud, plants and seeds from your boots and other equipment before leaving the hiking area.

Aquarium enthusiasts

Don’t dump aquarium water into a stream, lake, water garden or toilet. Instead, use it on your flower beds or your compost pile.


Don’t bring back or take away plants, plant parts, seeds or fruits.

Shoreline residents

Protect and vegetate your waterfront buffer zone so that it filters and absorbs nutrients that can speed the growth of invasive aquatic species.

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