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Did you know that:


  • If you are planning on building, extending, installing, renovating, moving or demolishing a construction or part of a construction, a permit is required beforehand. Once your permit request is submitted, there is a delay of a maximum of thirty days to analyze the request, so we recommend that you submit your request at least one month before the expected project date. If you are uncertain that a permit is required for your project, please contact our department.


  • Did you know that having a safe and secure pool reduces the potential risk of accidents and can protect you as the owner. To learn more about pool installation By-Laws, and the form to submit, we invite you to visit our Website or to contact our department.


  • As part of its commitment to offer a pleasant living environment for its citizens and in agreement with its environmental policy, the Municipality of Val-des-Monts will begin various developments within the PÉLISSIER ECOLOGICAL PARK (formerly known as Pelissier beach). Look for our upcoming publications to find out more about this project.


  • To maintain the quality of our lakes, rivers, streams and wetlands, it is essentiel to preserve the natural characters of our shorelines and the riparian zones. Very little work is permitted within fifteen meters of the natural high water mark, so before installing any small structure or before performing any work in this area, we advise you to contact us to learn more about the Municipal and provincial By-Laws and the required permits.


  • As a reminder, all modifications to shorelines within 15 meters of the natural high water mark are prohibited. The vegetation must not be controlled in any way, which means that trees or grass may not be cut. It is recommended to improve the quality of our banks by planting indigenous trees or shrubs. It is important to contact the Municipality to ensure that all work complies with the Municipal and Provincial By-Laws.


  • Did you know that your Municipality offers water saving kits to help conserve water and energy at a low cost? Contact us to learn more about the different types of packages offered and pricing.




For all inquiries, do not hesitate to contact our department.

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