Transfer tax

According to the Act Respecting Duties on Transfers of Immovables (L.R.Q., c. D-15.1), municipalities must collect “duties” or “taxes” on the transfer of immovables (land, buildings) within their boundaries.

The duty or tax must be paid by the person or entity acquiring the building, and the amount owed is due as of the 31st day after the invoice has been sent.

The tax rate applied to the transfer duty or tax is the highest among the following:

  1. the values appearing on the property assessment roll (multiplied by the comparative factor set for the year during which the transfer takes place)
  2. the price paid (the compensation provided for the transfer)
  3. the amount of the compensation stipulated for the transfer of the immovable (generally, the amount stated in the purchase agreement)

The amount of the duty is set according to these parameters:

Tax brackets
$53,200 and under 0.5 %
$53,201 to $266,200 1 %
$266,201 to $500,000   1.5 %
$500,001 to $700,000 2.5 %
$700,001 and over 3 %

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