Forestry and tree harvesting

Canada boasts one of the world’s largest forested land masses, so it stands to reason that the Canadian forest industry ranks among the world’s top exporters of forest products. Its sales abroad totalled more than $33 billion in 2019, with nearly 70% of its products exported.

Canada’s forest industry is also one of the country’s largest employers. It provides 339,000 direct jobs (management, harvesting, lumber production and pulp and paper production) and 524,100 indirect positions (equipment and machinery suppliers and manufacturers, service providers to forestry and paper companies, etc.) across the country; this accounts for 5.3% of all jobs in Canada.

In Quebec alone, Canadian forestry has generated $1.1 billion in economic output and more than 400,000 jobs. Of these, 150,000 are direct (including the paper industry) and 250,000 are indirect.

The forestry industry in Val-des-Monts

Given the forestry industry’s hefty economic benefits, Val-des-Monts has embraced a policy of co-existence with this sector: allowing its activities in the area while ensuring sustainability.

Indeed, because protecting our forests is essential not only to biodiversity, but also to the beauty of our landscapes, Val-des-Monts has regulatory tools to properly manage forestry and tree-harvesting activities.

Tree cutting

If you want to cut down 100 cords of wood or more per year (a cord measures four feet high by four feet deep by eight feet long), you must first get a certificate of authorization from the Municipality.

Felling is strictly prohibited in maple groves located in agricultural zones.

What’s more, tree cutting must be carried out under the supervision of a forestry engineer. When the cutting is complete or the certificate of authorization expires, the forestry engineer must provide a document that confirms the cutting has complied not only with the certificate issued, but also with applicable laws and regulations.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Environment and Urban Planning Service.