Private roads

According to Article 3.8 of By-law 764-15 – Construction and municipalization standards for roads, for existing road infrastructure and for new road infrastructure – enacted to repeal and replace By-law 748-13 (By-law is in French)

Maintaining private roadways in both summer and winter is the sole responsibility of property owners, shoreline residents and residents with rights-of-way privileges. When such roadways are being built or repaired, the Municipality’s role is limited to making sure this by-law and its amendments are complied with. (unofficial translation)

In addition, Article 5 of the by-law describes the process and stages for municipalizing a private road. Be sure to consult Val-des-Monts’ Public Works Service before starting the process.

Defining private road: A road or street that belongs to an individual, a group of individuals, a business, a corporation or an association of private roadways and that is open to the public by permission of the owner or occupant. Reference: By-law 817-18 (in French)

Defining public road: An area of land or infrastructure (bridge, overpass, etc.) containing one or more roads open to vehicular traffic. A public roadway may also include one or more bicycle lanes. Reference:    

Car ramps or curb cuts must be at least seven and a half metres (7.5 m) from street or roadway intersections. 

For lots with less than twenty-five metres (25 m) of frontage, only one vehicle access to the road is allowed. And overall, lots can have no more than two road or street access points, no matter how large their frontage.

If the lot fronts onto more than one road or street, these rules apply to each street or to each road. Road access points can be no wider than 7.05 metres.