Department of Environment and Urbanism


The mission of the Environment and Urban Planning Service (EUPS) is to ensure that the Municipality’s development revolves around sustainability and evolves with the shifting needs of residents.

The EUPS therefore helps to protect the Municipality’s unique natural setting while trying to make it more accessible—the goal being to improve residents’ quality of life. This role involves crafting regulations and practices for the well-being of the community and ensuring compliance with urban-planning, land-use and environmental-protection by-laws, in keeping with the powers given to it by other authorities (MRC, CMQ).

In practical terms, for instance, the Environment and Urban Planning Service informs and helps residents looking to complete construction or renovation projects, or wanting to upgrade their septic installations or install a swimming pool.

Contact information

Phone: 819-457-9400, ext. 2315

Environment Division

The Environment Division’s main duty is to protect, conserve, renaturalize and enhance the environment to ensure its sustainability. To that end, the Division implements Val-des-Monts’ environmental policy, which guides all the Municipality’s present and future actions.
The Division also applies by-laws designed to protect shorelines, littoral zones and flood plains, to preserve wooded areas (forest management) and to manage sanitary and groundwater-catchment facilities (septic systems, wells, etc.).
Finally, it ensures that the actions set out in the water-management master plan are implemented and it contributes to the battle against climate-change.

Urban Planning Division

The Urban Planning Division is primarily responsible for managing land in Val-des-Monts and for making sure that it’s developed in a way that meshes with the Municipality’s major land-use policy directions.
In crafting these policy directions, which ultimately become regulations, we identify which areas should serve for such and such a purpose and be built up in such and such a way. The process is pivotal in our ability to help Val-des-Monts grow soundly, reasonably and respectfully.  
We rely on our urban-planning by-laws (zoning, permits, certificates, subdivision and construction) to control how we use land in Val-des-Monts, including how we build on it and how we occupy it. The by-laws also promote public safety, property cleanliness, good neighbourly relations, aesthetic construction and development, as well as the preservation of natural settings. Finally, they help us ensure that residents’ requests and project proposals are treated fairly and equitably.

Director of the Environment and Urban Planning Department

André Turcotte

819 457-9400 #2307

Deputy Director of the Environment and Urban Planning Department

Benoît Olivier

819 457-9400 #2322

Environmental consultant

Samantha Rhainds

819 457-9400 #2228

Town planning consultant

Julie A. Bernard

819 457-9400 #2310

Senior Environmental Inspector

Pierre Laurin

819 457-9400 #2318

Building and environment inspector

Julie Deschambeault

819 457-9400 #2327

Environmental Inspector

Shan Radermaker

819 457-9400 #2203

Septic tank sludge management program officer - Urban planning technician

Charles-Henri Paquette

819 457-9400 # 2311

Information Officer

Carine Ethier

819 457-9400 #2315

Building and environment inspector

Marie-Claude Crevier

819 457-9400 #2319

Building and environment inspector

Marc-André Poirier

819 457-9400 #2243

Building inspector

Justine Desrochers-Gauthier

819 457-9400 #2309

Urban planning technician

Ariane Tassé

819 457-9400 #2220

Information Officer

Mélissa St-Amour Pagette

819 457-9400 #2315