Water blueprint

Water-management master plan

The Blanche Ouest Watershed Management Master Plan (WMMP) was submitted at Municipal Council’s regular meeting on May 5, 2020. Specifically, the WMMP identifies the main challenges involved in protecting, restoring and developing our water resources. It includes an analysis of the watershed area, describes the issues involved, proposes objectives and directions, and sets out a specific plan of action. As the result of eight years of intensive work and research, this exhaustive information tool will prove indispensable over the coming years. 

Integrated watershed management

In 2002, the Québec government instituted a new approach to managing water resources, namely integrated watershed management (IWM). The approach helps municipalities not only improve water quality and quantity within their boundaries, but also enhance living conditions for residents while reducing water-treatment infrastructure costs.

Implementing IWM requires the cooperation and commitment of all stakeholders responsible in some way for water management, and elected municipal officials are without a doubt key players in the process.

That said, we first need to define the term watershed, to remind ourselves of just how important watersheds are for us, to illustrate the impact of municipal development on water resources and to detail what IWM involves and how it’s being applied in Québec.

Water-quality reports

This section contains water-quality reports for lakes and other waterways in Val-des-Monts. Please note that the reports are only available in French. If you have questions about the reports, simply contact the Environment and Urban Planning Service at environnement-urbanisme@val-des-monts.net or at 819-457-9400, extension 2228.

Le rapport de qualité de l’eau 2022 de ce lac sera ajouté prochainement.

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