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You can consult this guide to help yourself master the art of year-round composting. Indeed, even in winter, materials decompose when the sun shines and temperatures aren’t frigid. Remember the basic recipe for successful composting: two parts dry material for one part of wet material. Try to keep a good supply of dead leaves on hand to alternate between adding dry and wet ingredients.

To help you sort your compostables more easily, we’ve drawn up a checklist that you can print and keep nearby for quick reference.


In June 2018, eager to support residents in their composting efforts, Val-des-Monts launched a community-wide project to provide a compost bin, kitchen bin and aerator free of charge to households not yet equipped with these tools. The campaign was also designed to help achieve the waste-reduction objectives set by the Quebec government, which is why home composting is mandatory for all residents in Val-des-Monts.

The project’s positive impact was almost immediate: by December 31 the same year, we had sent 764 fewer tons of waste to our landfill. It’s an astounding shift, especially if you consider that it brought us back to pre-2002 waste volumes, with a population below 8,400 at the time.

Of course, we urge everyone to continue down this environmentally friendly composting path so that Val-des-Monts further reduces what it sends to the landfill and, in the process, generates substantial savings for the entire community.

If you’d like an additional composter, you can get one at our municipal offices: 1 route du Carrefour.

With this extra collective effort in mind, the Municipality of Val-des-Monts is pleased to offer you a household composter, a kitchen bin and a mixer for the low price of $50.

The Green Cone Solar Digestion System

If you’ve become a big fan of composting and want to take the experience to another level, Val-des-Monts can provide you with a Green Cone, a “biodigester” that allows you to add meat, fish, bones and dairy products to your traditional composting mix.

Heated by the sun and set in your garden, the biodigester breaks down all types of food waste into nutrient-rich water and carbon dioxide, leaving negligible residues.

The first home biodigester, the Green Cone, was invented by a Canadian who was looking for a tamper-proof method of composting in black-bear territory. Not only did the Green Cone prove less attractive to bears and other critters than one might expect, but it managed to make table scraps “disappear” ecologically. Still, the device shines primarily because of just how easy it is to use, so much so, in fact, that thousands of people around the world now rely on it as a clean, convenient and eco-friendly way to break down food scraps of every type.

The patented design of the biodigester allows heat from the sun to circulate between the inner and outer cones; this in turn promotes the growth of beneficial micro-organisms needed for the aerobic decomposition process.

Admittedly, food “biodigestion” isn’t the perfect solution to the daunting problem of food waste, but it does save tons of otherwise reclaimable waste from clogging our landfills and, in the process, saddling us with economic and environmental costs we can no longer afford.

To learn more about the Green Cone biodigester, check out:

You can buy a biodigester from the Municipality for $80, taxes and delivery included. To order, come to our offices, call us at 819-457-9400, ext. 2315, or write to

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