The biodigester: A new pilot project

Food recycler pilot project

Between March and May, the Municipality of Val-des-Monts is making 140 food-recycling units available at a discounted price to residents willing to test a new type of composting. To take part in the pilot, you must also agree to maintain a tracking record (flow sheet) and complete a survey at the end of the trial period.   

Food recyclers act as a supplement to traditional outdoor composting, with the distinguishing feature of also being able to process meat and other food scraps like dairy and bread that don’t go into traditional compost.

Roughly the size of a small waste basket, food recyclers run on electricity. They can be stored in any dry location, such as your kitchen, garage or basement.

The processing cycle takes four to eight hours, depending on the scraps being transformed.

Users to date say the food recycler is clean, odourless and easy to use. They also like that it dehydrates the food scraps and turns them into a powder of sorts. Another plus is that neither insects nor other pesky creatures like raccoons and rats are attracted by the end product.

The links below provide more information on how to use electric food recyclers :

Foodcycler.1 (French only)

Foodcycler.2 (French only)

For more information about the program, contact Ms. Carine Ethier, information officer at the Environment and Urban Planning Department | 819 457-9400, ext. 2229