Open fires

Open-air fire permits

To make open-air fires, you need to get a permit in advance from the Public Safety Service, and Fire Services (also Fire Department) must inspect the burn location before your permit is issued. This allows us to confirm compliance with the safety measures required under By-law 21-RM-05. Fire Services has 48 working hours to inspect the burn locations entered on the permit application.

You can request a permit online under the Fire Safety tab. We also accept applications by fax at 819-457-4141.

You can pay by credit card online (Visa or MasterCard). That said, if you prefer to pay in cash or by debit (Interac), bring your application in person to our municipal offices at the du Carrefour complex during regular office hours.

Apply for a fire permit (In french)

If you have questions or comments on the fire-permit applications , please contact Sébastien Neveu, head of the Prevention and Operations Division, at:

Phone: 819-457-9400, ext. 2305
Fax: 819-457-4141

When is it safe to make a fire?

First, do note that preventive measures like fire-permit suspensions and bans on open-air fires take precedence over the fire-risk index you consult. Be sure to check for current restrictions before you head into the forest.

That said, SOPFEU’s fire-risk index is a good reference to keep handy! Here’s how to adjust your behaviour according to each fire-risk level:

  • LOW: Low-intensity fire with limited spread; now is the right time to light your campfire.
  • MODERATE: Moderately spreading surface fire that can be generally well controlled; build only small fires (1m X 1m maximum).
  • HIGH: Moderate to vigorous surface fire that poses control challenges for ground crews; do not light a fire if wind speed exceeds 20 km/h.
  • VERY HIGH: High-intensity fire that can partially or completely ignite tree crowns. Conditions at the fire front are beyond the suppression capacity of ground crews; make fires strictly in facilities equipped with approved spark arresters.
  • EXTREME: High-intensity crown fire that spreads quickly and can get out of control; DO NOT make fires.

Remember! When lighting a fire, be sure to use the right type of equipment for the location, or choose a spot located on mineral soil and away from combustible materials.
Pro tip! Download the SOPFEU mobile app (available on iOS and Android). Save your municipality in your favourites to keep a close eye on fire risks in your area. 
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A reminder that By-law 21-RM-05 governing fire-safety standards allows for fines between $200 and $1,000 for individuals and between $1,000 and $3,000 for corporate entities. Do exercise the utmost caution at all times.

For questions or more information, contact Fire Services: 819-457-9400, extension 2312.