Permits and certificates

Planning construction or renovations on your property? Looking to install a pool or spa in your yard? Before you launch into everything, be sure to contact the Environment and Urban Planning Service to see which, if any, municipal regulations apply.

Why do I need a permit?

Permits help ensure that the work complies with the Municipality’s zoning, architectural, personal-safety, construction-quality and environmental-protection standards.

Many types of projects require a permit, licence or a certificate of authorization, in fact, including those in the partial list below:  

  • Building a new house
  • Constructing a secondary building like a shed, garage, pavilion or gazebo
  • Adding new rooms (finishing a basement, for instance)
  • Expanding, transforming or renovating a building
  • Enclosing a porch or patio with a three- or four-season solarium
  • Installing an in-ground or above-ground pool
  • Demolishing a building
  • Moving a building to another lot
  • Converting the use of a building
  • Replacing doors, windows and exterior siding
  • Rebuilding a porch
  • Replacing interior finishes (walls, ceilings)
  • Installing or changing a sign
  • Installing a septic system or a drinking-water well

Do you need a permit, licence or certificate? You can request one online or in person at our municipal offices. Our team is there to answer all your questions.

Permits and certificates are governed by By-law 439-99.

Every year, the Environment and Urban Planning Service issues close to 1,000 permits and certificates. Municipal by-laws provide our teams with a 30-day window to process and issue the permits and certificates requested by residents. That said, you can take a few simple steps to speed up the process even more:

  1. Submit your request as early as possible in your project-development phase.
  2. Be sure to include all the required documents; each missing document slows the approval process as employees wait for its arrival and the chance to review it accordingly.
  3. Use the application platform on our website, which automatically places your request in the processing queue and eliminates a step for the staff involved.
  4. Consult our website or contact the Environment and Urban Planning Service if you have questions about the permit application process. Our team will gladly provide the information you need to proceed.

Every project is unique and requires that we assess a range of variables. For instance, we need to make sure that your project:

  1. complies with applicable municipal by-laws and provincial regulations (zoning, building codes, subdivision, etc.)
  2. is safe and meets environmental-protection standards
  3. provides for water-supply and septic-system facilities designed according to best practices
  4. provides everything needed for approval by Municipal Council and by provincial authorities.


The projects below do not require permits. If your project doesn’t appear in this list, you’ll have to get a permit or a certificate for it from the Municipality*.

  1. Landscaping not affecting shorelines
  2. Gazebo measuring no more than 10 sq. metres 
  3. Storage sheds no more than five metres square metres
  4. Retaining walls 60 cm high or less
  5. Playhouses or play structures
  6. Refuse boxes and lampposts
  7. Niches or enclosures
  8. Roof replacement
  9. Paint and varnish work
  10. Eavestrough replacement and cornice (or overhang) replacement
  11. TV or parabolic antenna less than 0.90 m in diameter
  12. Temporary winter vehicle shelter (October 15 to April 15)
  13. Community waste or recyclables shed made of metal, wood or vinyl and measuring fewer than five square metres; the shed can be in the front setback, but not within traffic rights of way.

Notify the Municipality that your project has ended.

You can use our online portal to let the Municipality know that your licensed project has ended.