Taxation and assessment roll

Managing your municipal tax account online

Did you know you can now register online to consult and manage your municipal-tax account at any time, as well as check your property assessment in a single click?

For online access to your tax account, you need to create a profile on Val-des-Monts’ new resident portal. Here’s how:

  • Access this platform online:

  • Create a user account (if you need help for this, call our technical support team at 819-457-9400, extension 2305).

  • Click on Propriété (Property) and enter your location using the address or tax roll/ID number appearing on the hard copy of your tax bill.

  • Click on Ajouter un compte de taxes (Add a tax account).

To complete your registration, you’ll need your account number (invoice number) and the amount of your first tax instalment for the current year.

By choosing the online option, you’ll no longer receive a hard copy of the municipal taxes for the property in question; instead, you’ll receive an email informing you that your tax statement is available online in your Dossier Citoyen (Resident File).

If your address has changed or if you’ve acquired a property of late in Val-des-Monts, do take a moment to send us your updated contact information. Be sure to include every property, built or not, to which the new info applies.

How to notify us of your address change

  1. By regular mail :
    Municipality of Val-des-Monts
    Taxation Service
    1, route du Carrefour
    Val-des-Monts, QC  J8N 4E9
  2. By email :

The Act Respecting Duties on Transfers of Immovables (L.R.Q., c. D-15.1) requires municipalities to collect a “tax” on the transfer of property rights for all buildings within their boundaries. The tax or duty must be paid by whoever acquires the building, and the payment is due as of the 31st day after the notice of account is sent.

The tax base for the land-transfer tax is one of the following amounts, whichever is highest:

  1. the real-estate assessment roll (multiplied by the comparability factor set for the year in which the transfer takes place).
  2. the acquisition price (the consideration provided for the transfer).
  3. the amount of the consideration stipulated for the transfer of the building (this is usually the amount stated in the deed of sale).

The following parameters are used to calculate the tax:

Tax base brackets Rate
The first $53,200 0.5 %
The first $53,200   1.0 %
From $266,201 to $500,000 1.5 %
From $500,001 to $700,000 2.5 %
For any portion above $700,000 3 %

If your tax bill exceeds $300, you can pay it in three instalments, specifically March 20, June 30 and October 2, 2023.

Interest charges apply to overdue tax balances. Municipal Council sets the interest rate in question every year.

Paying online

You can now settle your tax bill by bank transfer or by credit card, but these options are available exclusively online.

Note that because a business partner is providing our payment service, processing fees apply when you pay by credit card. The exact fees appear on the payment page.

You need your tax roll/ID number and your account number when paying. Both are on your tax bill/statement.

Here’s the link to the online-payment platform :

Through your financial institution’s website

When paying online, be sure to include the 18-digit file number appearing on the return stub of your invoice.

By cheque, sent by regular mail or left in the mail slot at the municipal offices

  • Be sure to include the return stub with your cheque.
  • Address: 1, route du Carrefour, Val-des-Monts, QC  J8N 4E9

In person at our municipal offices  

  • Cash

  • Debit (Interac)

  • Cheque

Municipal taxes cannot be paid by credit card at our offices or over the phone.

Other key details to keep in mind…

  1. You can get a receipt upon request.
  2. You can pay your tax bill all at once (one instalment).
  3. You’re responsible for sending a copy of your tax bill to your mortgage lender.
  4. Yearly interest on overdue accounts is 15%.
  5. The late-payment fee for overdue accounts is 5%.
  6. The fee for payments rejected by your financial institution is $25.
  7. Your roll number may have changed since the last billing, so please pay close attention to it when submitting your payment.

Here are links for consulting the municipal tax roll:

To submit a property assessment review request to the Municipality :

Application for Review – Property Assessment

Three-year assessment roll: 2021-2023