Fireworks permit applications

To set off fireworks, you need to get a permit ahead of time from the Municipality. This process allows us not only to share critical information with you on the use of fireworks, but also to lend assistance or act promptly, if need be, thanks to our awareness of your activity.

Fire Services (also Fire Department) will inspect your fireworks location, if needed, before the permit is issued. This way, we can confirm that the site complies with the safety measures required under By-law 21-RM-05. Fire Services has 48 working hours to inspect the burn locations entered on the permit application.

You can request a permit online under the Fire Safety tab. We also accept applications by fax at 819-457-4141.

You can pay by credit card online (Visa or MasterCard). That said, if you prefer to pay in cash or by debit (Interac), bring your application in person to our municipal offices at the du Carrefour complex during regular office hours.

If you have questions or comments on the fire-permit applications, please contact Sébastien Neveu, head of the Prevention and Operations Division, at:

Phone: 819-457-9400, ext. 2305/2312
Fax: 819-457-4141
Email :

Apply for a fireworks permit (In french)

Excerpt from By-law 21-RM-05 governing the use of fireworks

Article 13 – Fireworks

13.1 – Fireworks at gatherings or events

a) Fireworks are allowed at public gatherings or events provided that the proper permit has been issued in advance and that a certified supervising pyrotechnician authorized to enforce safety measures is present.

b) The Fire Department, at its discretion, can also require that one of its representatives attend the event if circumstances so warrant.

13.2 – Family-grade fireworks

For every event featuring family-grade fireworks, the Municipality must both issue a permit and provide instructions listing safety rules.

13.3 – How fireworks permits are issued

The Municipality is responsible for issuing fireworks permits, and the conditions applying to these permits appear on the authorization form generated either by the Fire Department or by other designated authorities. Below are the conditions in question, and all applicants must adhere to them.

13.4 – No fireworks without a permit

Lighting pyrotechnics or wick firecrackers inside Val-des-Monts’ boundaries is prohibited without the applicable permit having been issued in advance.

Article 16 – Penalties for non-compliance

16.1 – Infractions

Failure to comply with any of the provisions in the by-law is considered an infraction that can entail the following sanctions: 

a) a fine no lower than $500 and no higher than $1,000 for private citizens

b) a fine no lower than $1,000 and no higher than $3,000 for corporate entities.

16.2 – New infraction for every day of non-compliance

If the non-compliance continues, a new and distinct infraction is issued every day, and violators must pay the amount applicable for each day in question.  

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